Proofreading services from native editors with English tutoring backgrounds in respected universities.

Proofreading Services by English Language Experts

Proofreading services

We'll read through your entire document several times to find spelling, grammar, syntax and word processor errors. The aim is to return your document 100% free of those errors every time. All of our changes are recorded, so you can choose to accept or decline them. Our editors will always ask questions if they need to understand something in more depth.

The editing add-on

Stylistic issues, such as formatting, style guide rules and awkward language, can be addressed by adding the editing option. Editing enables your editor to suggest a more natural rewording of sentences to provide a much clearer message to your readers, as well as a new set of eyes to check style details. You can submit a style guide with your order.

Proofreading Services
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Do you need more? How about a writing review?

Academic writing review

We've extended our proofreading services to offer an academic writing review. It includes everything in our proofreading services with editing, plus a summary of the types of errors that you make and how to fix them! This really is the best of both worlds for a writer who wants to improve their writing in English, alongside generating word perfect work.

Identify your bad habits & fix them

Having your bad habits explained to you will allow you to see where you're going wrong. You'll receive detailed descriptions of why something is wrong, and how to fix it in the future. Our editors have experience of teaching English at the highest level of education.

Academic writing review by experienced academic English tutors Learn how to improve your academic writing from tutors with a deep understanding of the challenges that writers face when using English as a second language.