2018 updates to the Mr. Proofread website

Sorry little man, your time is over!It's been 7 years since the original version of this website was launched and it was starting to show! We'd had a redesign in 2016 that had changed the look of the website, but much of the content had been inherited from the original version of the site. Sadly, it no longer reflected the quality of our service or the unique qualities that each of our editors possesses to make our editorial team the best on the internet. 

Human editor vs Grammarly, which is best at proofreading

This week has been odd! My mastering engineer friend lost his first job to an AI called LANDR. Meanwhile, my brother, who integrates voice and data network systems into businesses, told me that demand is rising for AI bots to replace call centre staff. We all know it's coming, but these two incidents in one week really got me thinking about my own profession. Just how safe are human editors?

How to find the best research question

A focused research question should help to guide you through your research project. However, finding the right question can be challenging, because a research question that is too broad can become unmanageable, while a research scope that's too narrow may not yield enough to meet the requirements of your institution. The available time frame and resources are also key factors to consider when developing your research question.

The question itself should be clearly written without any extra padding, and it should clearly summarise the problem that you want to research.

Proofread vs proof read or proof-read

There are three ways to refer to this activity and the person that does it:

  1. proof read, proof reading, proof reader
  2. proof-read, proof-reading, proof-reader
  3. proofread, proofreading, proofreader

Web searches reveal that all of these are currently used on the internet. Although, the third style of spelling (proofread, etc.) produces a higher yield than the others, suggesting that it is the most popular pattern of spelling.

How to write a good essay (8-minute video)

How to write a good essay in just 8 minutes of video that covers the basic principles required to write a good essay. The concepts are translatable into a larger dissertation or thesis too, as the breakdown of the paragraphs could easily be imagined as a very basic blueprint of the main sections covered in both types of document.

Here we look at:

Harvard referencing explained in a 7 minute video

This short 7-minute video explains why, and how, to cite and reference using Harvard referencing in detail. The guide even covers how to reference each type of publication in your bibliography. The internet has been flooded with web pages offering partial advice about Harvard referencing, which makes finding quick answers almost impossible. However, this Harvard referencing guide does a great job at answering everything you'll need to know in just 7 minutes.

Bookmark it and share it! Good luck with your academic work.

How to build a personal brand for job seeker success

My wife recently went through the process of starting a new career as a speech therapist (after graduating from university). She felt very inexperienced at the time because she had very little practical experience, which made her worry that she couldn't compete with other job seekers. Her negative feelings grew with each rejection during the early days of job seeking, and she eventually had to stop, re-evaluate and build her own personal brand, before she was able to successfully sell herself to potential employers.

How to write a cover letter for a successful job application!

We've all been through the frustration of applying for jobs over and over again and being rejected for some unknown reason. Job seeking is hard and the competition between job applications is usually very high for the best jobs!

It's your task to write a job application that stands out from the rest to be successful. So, here are some tips on how to write a cover letter that enables you to stand out and get the job:


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