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How to find the best research question

A focused research question should help to guide you through your research project. However, finding the right question can be challenging, because a research question that is too broad can become unmanageable, while a research scope that's too narrow may not yield enough to meet the requirements of your institution. The available time frame and resources are also key factors to consider when developing your research question.

The question itself should be clearly written without any extra padding, and it should clearly summarise the problem that you want to research.

How to write a good essay (8-minute video)

How to write a good essay in just 8 minutes of video that covers the basic principles required to write a good essay. The concepts are translatable into a larger dissertation or thesis too, as the breakdown of the paragraphs could easily be imagined as a very basic blueprint of the main sections covered in both types of document.

Here we look at:

Harvard referencing explained in a 7 minute video

This short 7-minute video explains why, and how, to cite and reference using Harvard referencing in detail. The guide even covers how to reference each type of publication in your bibliography. The internet has been flooded with web pages offering partial advice about Harvard referencing, which makes finding quick answers almost impossible. However, this Harvard referencing guide does a great job at answering everything you'll need to know in just 7 minutes.

Bookmark it and share it! Good luck with your academic work.

Automatically format headings & fonts in Microsoft Word

Save time when writing your essay for university, or report for work, with Microsoft Word's style settings to format headings, titles, subtitles and body text. Each style setting can be easily updated to produce the exact requirement of your publication, university or brand. This video shows just how easy it is to apply the style settings to existing text and alter any settings in minutes.

4 ways to improve academic writing in English as a second language

4 ways to easily improve you academic writing styleSpeakers of English as a second language often know much more about the mechanics of the English language than its native speakers. This is perhaps because, as a learner of English as a second language, you are taught the rules of grammar, word formation and everything else. However, native English speakers are often not taught in this way – I know I wasn’t!

How to use references in academic writing

Referencing is often one of the most confusing aspects of academic writing, especially if English isn’t your first language. Referencing correctly is vital. It shows that you haven’t plagiarised (an offence for which you can be asked to resit your course!) and if you don’t reference correctly, you will probably lose marks on an assignment or can have papers rejected by journals. Here are some tips to help you get it right!


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