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Proofread vs proof read or proof-read

There are three ways to refer to this activity and the person that does it:

  1. proof read, proof reading, proof reader
  2. proof-read, proof-reading, proof-reader
  3. proofread, proofreading, proofreader

Web searches reveal that all of these are currently used on the internet. Although, the third style of spelling (proofread, etc.) produces a higher yield than the others, suggesting that it is the most popular pattern of spelling.

A list of action verbs for job applications

A list of action verbs for job applicationsThis page comes with a full list of very useful 'action verbs' which can be used in a job application (CV, resume, covering letter, etc.). Action verbs help to show what the applicant has done, and it's hoped that this list of words may be useful to job applicants who are writing job applications at the moment.


How to write good paragraphs

How to write paragraphsWe work alongside a wide range of writers with very different writing styles. Experience of working with this wide variety of writers reveals that some produce clearer texts than others. Although a lot of this clairty could be attributed to a writer's articulation and vocabulary, its often the case that clear writers are also able to organise their writing in better ways. So let's take a look at this in more detail.

Data is or data are? Is 'data' singular or plural?

How do you use the word 'data'?Problems often arise for non-native English language users when they try to apply the rules that they used to learn English to everything that they encounter later on. Languages are always evolving, often this is a uniform way that conforms with common rules, but sometimes they evolve to push everyday usage away from the rules that they were built upon.

Should writers take care when writing in a passive voice?

Active and passive forms of sentence structure can completely alter a reader's understanding of the same message. Active sentences tend to be more forthcoming with their meaning, whereas passive sentences aren’t as straightforward.

A study published on the Science Daily website discusses research carried out at Northumbria University. The research looked at how native speakers interpreted active and passive sentences. Dr Dabrowska’s comments on the results of the study included:

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