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How to automatically build a bibliography in APA Style in Word

If you're like me, then you'll probably leave your bibliography until last. If you're lucky enough to have never written a bibliography from scratch, then I resent you just kidding! Seriously though, Microsoft have made real progress with their tool for referencing documents in APA, plus many other styles too.

How to automatically build contents in Microsoft Word

Writing large reports can be a huge task, and keeping track of your page numbers as you edit and improve your text can be a nightmare. This short, but concise, video shows how to automatically build contents in Microsoft Word, which saves so much time and removes the need to keep track of page numbers or new headings.

It's a perfect trick for your business report, manuscript, dissertation or thesis! An automatic table of contents in your Word document, alongside automatic style updates, will save so much time!

Automatically format headings & fonts in Microsoft Word

Save time when writing your essay for university, or report for work, with Microsoft Word's style settings to format headings, titles, subtitles and body text. Each style setting can be easily updated to produce the exact requirement of your publication, university or brand. This video shows just how easy it is to apply the style settings to existing text and alter any settings in minutes.

How to add Harvard Referencing to Microsoft Word!

Easy Harvard Referencing in Microsoft Word!Academic referencing can be nothing short of a nightmare because there are so many different styles of referencing out there. Last year I went back to university for the first time in seven years and found that the simple mention of Harvard Referencing conjured up an old, yet familiar nauseous feeling in my stomach (which I hadn’t experienced in precisely seven years).

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