2018 updates to the Mr. Proofread website

Sorry little man, your time is over!It's been 7 years since the original version of this website was launched and it was starting to show! We'd had a redesign in 2016 that had changed the look of the website, but much of the content had been inherited from the original version of the site. Sadly, it no longer reflected the quality of our service or the unique qualities that each of our editors possesses to make our editorial team the best on the internet. 

Here's a quick rundown of the changes that we've made this summer.

Where did the little man go?

Well, the little man arrived with the notion that Mr. Proofread needed a face, and it was much easier to get a designer to draw the little man than to try to get my face on to the logo. But having spent time speaking with our clients over the years, we've come to realise that he may not have helped us to sell our team as professional due to his cartoon-like appearance. So, we sacked him. I'm sorry about that, little man!

Web security upgrades

We moved over to https to encrypt your interactions with our website. Just look for the little padlock in the URL address bar to find our security certificate; this proves that you are connected securely to our server and not a sneaky hacker. We're committed to your privacy, so we'll continue to review our systems to look for improvements wherever we can!

Speed upgrades

We've taken the huge step of caching our website through a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which means that our website can be delivered at the same speed in Australia, as it can in England where our server is located. Why does this matter? Well, an internet connection can experience latency if the user is far away from the server. So, a page that loads in 1 second in the UK might take 6-8 seconds in Asia or Australia.

Brand new service pages

We've simplified our service pages so you no longer have to find the correct page for a specific proofreading service (e.g. 12 hour, etc.). Each service page produces a standard form that makes choosing the right service for you much easier. Simply find a form on any service page (including our home page), and fill it in to make your order or get a quote (you don't have to submit a file to get a quote).

For those interested in checking out the old service pages, they can be found here: 12 Hour, 24 Hour, 48 Hour, 72 Hour, and 7 Day. The old job application page is available here.

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