How to build a personal brand for job seeker success

My wife recently went through the process of starting a new career as a speech therapist (after graduating from university). She felt very inexperienced at the time because she had very little practical experience, which made her worry that she couldn't compete with other job seekers. Her negative feelings grew with each rejection during the early days of job seeking, and she eventually had to stop, re-evaluate and build her own personal brand, before she was able to successfully sell herself to potential employers.

Enable confidence to sell yourself

From an employer's point-of-view, would you notice a job seeker who isn't selling themselves against a group of other job applicants who are telling you exactly what you want to hear? Your personal brand will help you to sell yourself, and compete with other job seekers, even if you don't have experience.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand clearly shows your self-awareness. It shows what you are capable of achieving through your skills and personality traits. Conversely, it also shows an understanding of what your weaknesses are, and how you work with others to overcome those to achieve success. You should build your personal brand by reflecting on your past experiences in life, not just work or education, and breaking them down to reveal qualities and skills that have created a successful outcome.

A personal brand for job seeker success

Building a personal brand is more than just an activity for a job application. It's a process to discover more about who you are and how others interact with you.

Every employer wants to see that job seekers are eager, capable and potentially valuable to their team. So, you should use your personal brand to sell yourself to employers through sharing stories that show them: what you are capable of achieving; what makes you valuable to them; how you will fit into their work force; and what you will accomplish in the job.

How to build a personal brand

This TED talk, by Ann Bastianelli, explains how to build a personal brand that you can use to achieve job seeker success. As for my wife, she's happily progressing in her career as a successful speech therapist. Good luck with your journey of self-discovery and personal brand building to become a successful job seeker!

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