How to write a cover letter for a successful job application!

We've all been through the frustration of applying for jobs over and over again and being rejected for some unknown reason. Job seeking is hard and the competition between job applications is usually very high for the best jobs!

It's your task to write a job application that stands out from the rest to be successful. So, here are some tips on how to write a cover letter that enables you to stand out and get the job:

  1. Find out who the recruiter is by calling the company and attempting to charm the receptionist into telling you their name. If you can get their contact number too, then you could call them to ask questions about the job before applying (make sure you've left your name to give them a chance to remember you when they read your application).
  2. Research the job and the company to find out as much as you can about them, and then tailor your application with your findings to make an impact through an emotional attachment.
  3. Tell the recruiter why they should pick you by matching your qualities to the requirements of the job description.
  4. Communicate your desire to work for them with more emotional language to try to make the recruiter feel as if you really want to work for them.
  5. Remember you're talking to a person, not a machine! So, try to tailor the letter to speak to the recruiter. Nobody wants to read generic documents that have been emailed to 100 other recruiters.
  6. Try to cut and paste your cover letter into the application email, rather than just attaching it, as that may force the recruiter to read it.

The video below explains these points in more detail. Good luck with your cover letter and job application.


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