How to add Harvard Referencing to Microsoft Word!

Easy Harvard Referencing in Microsoft Word!Academic referencing can be nothing short of a nightmare because there are so many different styles of referencing out there. Last year I went back to university for the first time in seven years and found that the simple mention of Harvard Referencing conjured up an old, yet familiar nauseous feeling in my stomach (which I hadn’t experienced in precisely seven years). I’m sure many others share in my pain at the start of every academic year when they are introduced to a new referencing style.

It isn't that references aren't useful, they are! It's just that writing and referencing require two totally different processes. This makes doing them at the same time a touch difficult. I recall many occasions when I have tried to hold a fantastic idea I'd just had while trying to remain pedantic enough to insert references correctly.

There are reference generator websites out there. Although I was unable to find one which produced results that didn’t need to be modified in some small way. In general I found that these websites also caused slight frustration, because every time I needed to reference something I would have to open a new browser, fill in a form, cut and paste the text into my document and then modify it. Do this 20 or more times and that’s nothing short of painful!

Well worry no longer my friends as Mr. Proofread has a solution to relieve your torment! There is indeed a way to extend the reference style options within Microsoft Word to enable Harvard Referencing and many other styles.

Step One

Click here and download the “” file.

Step Two

Copy the contents of the zip file into your Microsoft Word bibliography style directory. This directory can be found in different places depending on your machine and the software it is running. Two typical places for Windows are:

  1. program files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Bibliography\Style
  2. <winword.exe directory>\Bibliography\Style

Those using a Mac with Word 2008 may find the directory in either of these two places:

  1. Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft
  2. Contents/Resources/Style/

Step Three

Open Word and navigate to “References” and use the “Style” drop down menu to select the style you want. See the image below:

Enable Harvard Referencing in Microsoft Word

I hope this blog post finds you in your hour of need! Automated citations should save you a lot of time and may help to relieve the nausea that some of us feel when referencing our writing.

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Hi, I have done the above,

Hi, I have done the above, but the additional styles aren't appearing in my bibliography when I open it. Any reason why? I can see a long list in Styles in Finder, but not in word.

same here.. plzz help

same here, plzzz help us

Restart your pc

Maybe try restart your pc

this happened to me

Close word and reopen it.


Very helpful, thanks a lot!

God bless you

Awesome! Thank you so much. Now I can type my Dissertation without worry. :)

Content Writing

This is very much interesting. Thanks for sharing this useful information.


Thank you very much. That helped a lot.


Thanks a lot. Works like a charm!


This was quite easy and straight forward.



You're a bloody legend, mate. Cheers.

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This helped me alot!!

Help :(

I can't find the directory to paste it into :(

Try it in program files(x86)

Try it in program files(x86) - microsoft office - Office 'number of your version/ - Bibliography - style

Thanks :)

You guys are life savers :)


Thanks a lot! it works


You genius! Saved me so much work can't thank you enough!
Love that I could just drag across the style for my Uni! Perfect referencing every time!

This is all well and good...

This is all well and good... if you have a references button on your version of word, which I don't


Thanks for this. I had to search for the directory. As I am using MS Office 2010 and it was not easily located. But now all the References are there. And of course I can now face the challenges of Uni. Much appreciated and great assistance.

thank you very much.

thank you very much.


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Haward refernce

thank you so much for your guidance about how to add references. Your website really helped. I appreciate it.

Author (Date)

Hi, I don't know what version of Harvard I'm after, but these don't quite do it. My institution insists we use Author (Date) not (Author Date), if that makes sense? What I need is something like this:

Smith (2014:21) says that "Referencing is a pain in the Butt".

Anyone able to help? Thanks in hope and advance.

Same Problem

Did you manage to resolve this problem? i seem to be experiencing the same technical difficulties. I have successfully managed to add the extra styles to word, however, these do not meet my requirements.

Please help me


Done exactly as you said. copied contents into correct folder. does not appear in references. restarted my machine and tried again. still not working

thanks. works.

thanks. works.

YAY! Thank you soooo much.

Thank you soooo much. Saved me hours on my assignment :)


i had a problem for the styles in word 2013. There was no styles to choose from and not appearing any choices. so i follow the link u gave and it work.

Problem solved.


It is very helpful.
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Yo' Such a Legend!

Nuevo Estilo

Gran tutorial, pero tengo una pregunta, si necesito un estilo que no está en esa pagina, es decir un estilo como ICONTEC como puedo hacer para insertarlo en Word, o donde pued encontrar el archivo .XSL para word.Gracias

Harvard Referencing

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Many thanks!

Thank you so much. You saved

Thank you so much. You saved me from lots of troubles.

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Thanks a lot!!!
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Thank you so much! :)

Thank you so much! :)


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It really is pedantic bullshit isnt it ?

I mean the whole point is so people can follow your sources - and yet I am reading an article by an enraged professor because a student used square brackets instead of curved one sin vancouver style. PS tx !

Thank you sooo much!! Your

Thank you sooo much!! Your instructions were wonderful!! It worked!!!