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This is the first post to Mr. Proofread's blog so I feel it's appropriate to tell you a bit about the website's evolutionary journey so far. Mr. Proofread was the product of a conversation I had about how web 2.0 technologies are changing the way we interact with each other. This led naturally on to how we could develop a place online which allowed its visitors to select a proofreading service that could respond quickly.

How does a writer get the most out of their 12 hour proofreading service? This question was difficult to answer because a customer could email their work to us hoping to have it completed and returned within 12 hours. At the same time we may not be aware of their order if it's held up in email systems somewhere.  The answer to this was to allow users to upload their files through the website. The website logs the upload and begins the clock on their proofreading service as soon as the upload has completed, then it instantly notifies us.

This formed the basic plan for today's MrProofread.com. MrProofread.com will continue to evolve alongside the ever growing possibilities the internet has to offer.

Thank you for reading my first post!

Mr. Proofread.

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