Job Application, CV & Resume Proofreading Service


Today's job market is so competitive, so why not do more to get the perfect job application?

This 24 hour job application proofreading service is 10% cheaper than the standard 24 hour proofreading service. The Career Proofreading Service is available for a CV, resume, personal statement, covering letter and any other type of document as long as it is part of an application for employment.

If you order this proofreading service we will email a proofread copy of your document back to you within 24 hours. Your document will be checked for all spelling, grammar, syntax and word processor errors. Comments or changes may also be added to improve readability.

Does your team require proofreading & editing services? If you're a part of a marketing team, R&D team, or an academic research team, then this type of account could be for you – find out more.

The 12 and 24 hour services cannot be ordered from Friday after 1pm (BST) until Sunday after 1pm (the other services are available 7 days a week). Every deadline is always met with no exception.

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Add Editing if parts of your text need to be changed to improve the clarity and style of your writing. Editing involves a rewrite of some parts of a sentence, replacement words and style fixes (you can submit a style guide). Free for translated texts, but adds 30% for texts written in English.
Select the variant of English language that you want for this service.
This provides evidence to a publisher that you have done some work on the language in your article.