7 Day Manuscript Proofreading Service



You'll receive your document within 7 days of ordering this 7 day manuscript proofreading service. We always aim to remove every spelling, grammar, syntax and word processor error.

The editing option enables us to offer reworded suggestions for a clearer message. It also provides: alternative wording to avoid repetition, continuity of word choices for named concepts and formatting (style guides can be submitted).

The 7 day proofreading service is available 7 days a week.

70,000 word limit (contact us to arrange a quote for anything bigger).

UK Price (for cart summary)) 
Add Editing if parts of your text need to be changed to improve the clarity and style of your writing. Editing involves a rewrite of some parts of a sentence, replacement words and style fixes (you can submit a style guide). Free for translated texts, but adds 30% for texts written in English.
Select the variant of English language that you want for this service.
This provides evidence to a publisher that you have done some work on the language in your article.
Developer Notes 
Decimal point issue: had to disable the editing rule to calculate 30%, so the price has been set to £0.02 which remains the same for editing. We can't calculate the price to split the decimal further as that breaks the checkout calculations. Ultimately we need the unit price without editing to be around £0.015.